Our company

what is chekkolate ?

Chekkolate is a pet food and pet related products agency. This Thai company was founded in the year 2012.

Starting Point...

All of my Siberian Husky required the premium grade for the great health and to live long. Presently the international dog food is successfully developed to the holistic approach level. The care has given to the high-quality ingredients such as quality of meats (chicken, pork, fish, etc.), organic fruits & vegetables. Artificial colors, flavoring, or chemical preservatives are reduced to zero, Production process is aimed to maintain the highest quality.

Those premium grade pet foods are not well known in Thailand. It is not only because of the high prices but also the propaganda have resulted the miss leading of dog food to most if not all the true dog lovers. They still not are able to give the best food for their beloved pets.

Chekkolate is founded with the aim to select critically for quality pet food and pet related products with reliable sources and clear documentary supports.

In the year 2013, we imported samples of the holistic dog food from USA for trials. In comparison to the common grade those selected samples have shown many positive results. Dogs seem to produce good, shiny coat, maintain good body structure, produce no soft stool without strong smell etc.,

Timberwolf Organics Platinum is our preferable as well as Orijen, Wellness, EVO and Blue wilderness. A+ Grade , the highest level were given to all of these products In the year 2006 by the “ Whole Dog Journal”. Unsurprisingly for our first product, the Timberwolf is selected as the product champion for the official agency in Thailand.

“We select the best of the best for your best friends”

VISION & Mission

We dedicate for our quality and trust worthy company. We believe firmly that “You can be confidence to find that only the best of the best products for your loved friends”

We head toward providing quality products and services and to be recognized as an integrity, professionally in care of pet food and health of your beloved animals. Our goals are the leadership of the world class quality of dog food for the best health of dogs in Thailand, import and sell the best dog food from USA and Canada. This is because we realize that all dog owners and dog breeders need premium grade food for their dog. To fulfill these requirements and upgrade to world class levels, we are committed to honesty, integrity dedicate for trust in quality by all dog owners.


Officially import the Timberwolf Organics by year 2015
and the Orijen by the year 2016 Appointed one official province agency
for each province by year 2017 ( by quality certification)