All of our formulas are nutritionally complete and balanced. We have added the option of feeding your own fresh meat protein sources to supplement any of our Classic formulas, which provides your pet further fresh enzymes and complement their innate proclivity for higher protein. If adding fresh meat to your pet's food, we recommend a mix of 10-20% raw or cooked meats and organs. Our Black Forest Classic Canid Formula was created for people who want a dry kibble that they can add small amounts of fresh meat to. Care should be taken when adding meat to dry foods. When adding meat, you are increasing phosphorous levels. Most dog foods are only 1.1 - 1.3% calcium, and their phosphorous levels are very close to that. It is possible you may accidentally add enough phosphorous to alter your calcium/phosphorous ratios. If adding fresh meats to your pet's diet, deduct 10-20% of Timberwolf Organics dry food formula and substitute with 10-20% fresh meats of your choice or other fresh proteins such as eggs.

This is not necessary. You should preferably feed the fresh meat separately. Your pet may eat the fresh meat first, but should soon go back and eat the dry food a little later when they realize the fresh meats are finished.

Some pets may take a little time to get used to this but eventually get the idea.

Most nutritionists and vets will tell you not to. If you decide to feed your pet table scraps, please limit it to no more than 10% of their daily food intake.

You do not need to supplement our diets as they are all nutritionally balanced and complete.

These are some wonderful supplements available for those who feel the need for additional supplementation such as for the purpose of providing additional EPA and DHA, which are the most important omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

DHA is the building block of the brain, nerves and eyes, and so has a positive impact on mental and visual functions. It may even aid in the fight and lower the incidence of cancer. Research suggests that EPA benefits the heart and circulatory system and has natural anti-inflammatory properties for easing joint pain.

We do not recommend the feeding of chicken or turkey necks or backs unless possibly if included in the proper ratio as a part of the "whole animal." If you feed only the necks and backs, then over time you will induce an alkaline urine (especially if mixed with a grain-based kibble) and could perhaps cause an improper calcium/phosphorous ratio. This is probably contrary to what you have heard and read, but I have seen this several times. Please note that grains are alkaline, and meat and organs are acid. Dogs need a diet that has a slightly acidic pH. Should you wish to feed raw or BARF, we would recommend you feed as nature intended: the whole chicken with thighs, legs, breasts, backs, necks, hearts, livers, gizzards, lungs, giblets, etc. (Mother Wolf says to Baby Wolf, "Remember what I told you, Junior! Leave all of the nutritious organs and flesh, and eat only the backs and necks."), along with pulverized vegetable and kibble, or alone if temporary. If you are relying on your kibble to provide the vitamins/minerals, try not to go over 10-20%, as that may dilute your kibble's nutritional value. Otherwise, use a spreadsheet to enter the ingredients you are using and their nutritional profiles so that your pets are receiving the correct quota of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other nutrients. Alternatively, you might try a commercially prepared supplement that will provide the nutrients that your dog needs. Your canine and feline companions rely totally on you to provide a completely nutritious diet. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because you cook for yourself and your family that this is optimum.

We must urge extreme caution whenever feeding bones. If you must feed bones, please do so only under supervision and only uncooked bones--no hard bones, as this will cause wearing of the canids. Preferably you should only give bones to dogs that were provided with bones as puppies so that they have learned to chew them properly. Examine fecal matter after a meal that includes bones and observe if any sharp bones or fragments were passed. If so, we would advise against feeding bones. When feeding raw meat and organs, scrutinize for parasites (tapeworm cysts) and take precautions against bacterial contamination. Canids and felids may be able to cope with bacterial contamination better than humans, but caution is urged.

Timberwolf Organics formulas are a little different from other foods in that some of our formulas are made with exotic meats and/or higher amounts of proteins and oils.

Most of our formulas also include liberal quantities of herbs, fruit, nuts and/or seeds that your pet may never have encountered in previous pet foods, so your pet may not be used to consuming higher-quality foods that contains either unusual protein sources and/or unique additional ingredients.

Please ensure when introducing your pet to Timberwolf Organics that you take it slowly by adding small amounts of Timberwolf to your old food, increasing the amounts of Timberwolf and reducing your old formula over a period of at least 7 days.

As with all pet foods, feeding instructions are a guide only.

All animals caloric requirements depend upon their activity levels and their specific metabolism. As pets age their activity will be reduced compared to their younger sprightly days and therefore do not burn off the calories at the rate they used to and should therefore their caloric intake should be less. Much as we human animals, when we are active our bodies require additional calories to provide fuel for the energy we burn and less if or when we lead a more sedate lifestyle.

Based on feeding guidelines, the quantity of food should be moderately increased if your pet is very active and not maintaining weight, correspondingly, feeding should be moderately reduced if they have a tendency to become portly, until they reach the ideal framework for their size and breed. Because Timberwolf and Serengeti diets are nutritionally dense your pet will still absorb the required wholesome nutrition their bodies require for optimum health.

Timberwolf pet foods can be found in many of the finest pet food outlets. Because not all outlets carry all of our formulations please call before making the trip to find out if they have the formula you are looking for.

Still can't find an outlet in your area? Please visit our website at www.timberwolforganics.com where you can place an order to have it shipped directly to your door. Shipping is free on all orders over $60.00.

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